August 10, 2017

Error Code On Your Printer?




Error Code On Your Printer?

Scenario: You press print from your computer and it sends the data to the printer where it makes a copy on a piece of paper. A light starts flashing on the printer and you realize there is an issue. If you see an error code or error message, write it down immediately before restarting your printer. You can google the error code and try to figure it out on your own, or call a printer repair service technician. More than likely, the technician will be able to assist you because after all, they are the professional.

Having the error code and/or error message will eliminate extra time the technician would have to spend at your location trying to fix the issue. If no error codes appear, be sure to tell the technician all of the symptoms your printer is having so they can bring the parts needed to fix your machine.  If you are interested in viewing a diagram of the inside of a laser printer please click here.

As you are probably aware, there are hundreds of printers on the market. Therefore, you may encounter various error codes.  If you receive any toner error codes and would like order toner please do so on via our website. Here are a few printer models’ error codes that may assist you:

HP printer error codes

Canon printer error codes

Brother printer error codes

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