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Preventative Annual Printer Maintenance

Common laser printer service problems can be avoided by scheduling a preventative or annual maintenance service call;  which includes cleaning and Preventative Printer Maintenance Servicereplacing maintenance kits at regular intervals. Performing Preventative Printer Maintenance can greatly reduce the amount of downtime and prevents most laser printer failures.

Are your prints starting to come out “smudgy” or “dirty”.  Do you experienciece paper jams at increasing intervals?  Are there lines appearing on your prints?  Are your prints crinkled when they exit the printer?.

These are all signs that it is time to have your laser printer serviced.  A fuser assembly which makes up part of the Maintenance kit is a consumable item and is meant to be replaced at regular intervals.  Depending on the level of use your printer receives you may need to replace it sooner. The time interval may change according to the volume of pages printed. Most manufacturer guidelines suggest once a year minimum regardless to maintain the best laser printer performance and functionality.

How long do you wait to perform annual printer maintenance?

When laser printers do not receive proper annual maintenance it could lead to further repair costs down the road.  As with any machine, by keeping it running in top shape will reduce the amount of wear and tear.  This practice will ensure less wear on parts and keeps the entire machine running better.

Call us today to schedule your annual printer  maintenance.  Once you become a client, we will send you an Annual Maintenance reminder to schedule your printer maintenance service.

Is your business or industry subject to any particularly demanding times, we will make note to check in with you and help avoid break-downs at any of these critical times and can provide free loaner printers until your printer can be repaired.

Printer Repair Service is your partner in keeping your printers running smoothly by avoiding costly printer repairs.

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