July 27, 2017

When Printer Repair Isn’t Worth It




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When Printer Repair Isn’t Worth It

Is it worth the time money to repair an inkjet or office jet printers?  Can they be repaired? Most manufacturers almost never make parts and service manuals available for inkjet printers.  This means that it is unlikely anyone can even repair these printers.

The other reason is, even if parts are used from another machine, the price to repair it would exceed the price of a new printer. Most companies charge about $100 for a service call. If you add the cost of parts, it would usually be better for the customer to just buy a new machine.

When is it worth to repair your printer?

Like most items, brand new printers only come with a one year warranty.  If your printer is out of warranty, and something happens, you will have to perform printer repair. The best thing to do is call a professional. Simply google “printer repair service” and a list of potential companies will appear. Begin by calling them and asking if they repair your type of printer. More than likely, if the company will work on your printer, they will need more information so have the error code (if any) and/or details ready for them to determine what the issue is and how it can be resolved. It seems that most printers need a maintenance kit, drum replacement, new rollers, or a transfer belt when issues arise.

After the printer technician has evaluated the issue and gives you an estimate on the cost to fix it, you have a decision to make. Is it worth fixing? Sometimes the cost of repairing a printer outweighs the cost of the actual printer. In this case, you should not waste your money fixing it. If you decide to purchase a new printer, you may want to ask your local printer repair company what type of printer you should buy. They are very knowledgeable of what printers break constantly, which are more efficient, etc. They will steer you in the right direction and you will end up with a product that suits your needs!

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