August 3, 2017

Prolong The Life of Your Printer



Prolong The Life of Your Printer

There are many ways to prolong printer life.  Here are some tips on how to accomplish some of these simple tasks.  Although many people think that the world is leaning towards becoming strictly digital, there are businesses, schools and individuals who like hard copies of materials and who also scan and fax. That being said, printers aren’t going anywhere and thus, it’s important to maintain and prolong the life of your printers.

One way to prolong printer life is to purchase a printer jacket.

This is a simple way to keep dust and debris off when the printer is not in use. If you find there is some dust on the printer simply wipe it off or use condensed air. You can also clean the inside of the printer with the condensed air. Another way to take care of your printer is to store the paper in a cool environment. This eliminates the pages sticking together; which can cause jams when you print. You can also avoid jams by not using bent, torn or used paper.

One of the biggest issues we hear about is labels getting stuck and causing a jam. Even after the labels have been removed, the printer still doesn’t print. Be sure to purchase high-quality labels to reduce jamming issues. Be sure to contact our local printer repair company if your printer is not printing due to a jamming issue. We will be able to diagnose it quickly and get it up and running in no time. We have already provided our service to about 500+ customers so far. We are ready to fix anytype of printer issues in no time just need to diagnose your printer at our location or maybe yours.

Please contact our printer repair service experts at 800-249-2956.

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