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Contracts for Copiers and Printers

Protect your investment with Services Contracts for Copiers and Printers an Annual Printer Maintenance. Agreements take the guesswork out of equipment maintenance and repair costs. For a low annual fee, all maintenance, repair and parts costs, except for consumables such as toner cartridges, drum kits, maintenance kits and transfer kits will be covered even for multiple service calls for the same equipment! Services Contracts for Copiers and Printers

Simplify the process of Maintenance and Repair on your printer and copiers. Without waiting for quotes and approvals – with an Annual Services Contracts for Copiers and Printers Agreement you just schedule a service call through our customer service department.  What could be easier!  We also offer Annual Printer Maintenance Agreements that will include an annual maintenance kit installation.  All your Annual Printer Maintenance will be handled by us automatically. You can also include all of your locations in the same Annual Services Contracts for Copiers and Printers maintenance  Agreement.

Annual Services Contracts

Would you like to receive a quote for an Annual Services Contracts for Copiers and Printers Maintenance Agreement?  The process is easy, call our Customer Support Team today and we will explain all the options and ask you a just a few questions.  Please have a list of your printers ready to send to us for a completed quote.  You can also complete a form on our Contact Us page and send us your information.  We will get back you promptly with a written quote.  At Printer Repair Now we not only service just about all manufacturers, but we specialize in HP Printer Service.

Block Time Contracts

We can also arrange for Services Contracts for Copiers and Printers contracts with our “Block Time” contract which will cover all the equipment at your location or locations. This contract has no expiration and covers labor only,

Services Contracts for Copier & Printer

and your organization will receive priority response within 4 hours.

Have the ease of mind to know exactly who to call for any printer issue.  Our Block Time printer contract is especially useful if you have multiple regional locations.  You can have a consistency of service at each location and all labor charges are paid up front.  The only additional charge is for parts when needed.  Leverage your individual offices by combining their printer repair service needs and purchase your service calls in bulk at a reduced cost.