July 24, 2017

How to Stay Safe and Secure Online




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How to Stay Safe and Secure Online

In this day in age, protecting yourself online is a necessity. How do you stay save and secure online? Whether you use the internet to shop or simply to send an email, there is a need for security. If you’re an avid shopper like me, you will notice that many websites require you to create a password that is more than 8 characters long and must include an upper and lowercase letter, number and/or special character. This is intended to deter hackers from stealing your password.

So what can you do ensure you are protected? First, make sure you do not open any email attachments from an unknown sender. There may be a virus or malware intended to harm your computer or hold your files for ransom until you pay. If you want to familiarize yourself with how to spot dangerous email attachments click here.

Next, install antivirus software such as Norton or AVG. Make sure you run the scan biweekly to eliminate threats. Finally, back up your files to an external hard drive, flash drive or cloud service that way if you happen to get a virus, you have a copy of all your files and photos. However, there happen many cases where a user loses all the data, if you have lost it, there are some companies that provide hard drive data recovery. Also, we have seen scenarios where the users tried everything possible to not get affected by the virus. But in most cases, even antivirus can’t help you!  

If you feel that your computer is working slow or it is affected by viruses, do seek out for professionals that provide virus removal services. If your computer is really slow and shows no sign of a virus, do seek for computer repair.

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