March 27, 2019

The most common things that go wrong with Copiers


The most common things that go wrong with Copiers

Copiers are some of the most frequently used machines in the office. They can also, consequently, be one of the most frustrating machines that people use. Though they’re an essential tool for completing daily tasks at the office, that doesn’t mean that they’ll always work at optimal efficiency and not jam any time. There are ink and paper issues and there are also service malfunctions that need to be looked in to. Here are some of the most common problems people experience with copiers on a daily basis around the world. I have also written the common problems that can occur in printers.

The most common things that go wrong with copiers

Paper Jams

Copiers usually show this problem and it dates back to the time when copiers were first invented. It seems that we’ve been unable to eliminate the problems that the original inventors have left us. Paper jams indicate the papers have been jammed in the machinery of the copier and that there needs to be extraction or a reset of the machine to set things right. These may result because of the wrong kind of paper being used, the stacking of too many pages in the supply line, and these things can be exaggerated by frustrated people trying to pull the papers out of the machinery.

If you’re unable to solve the problem yourself, it’s better to call a professional from a printer repair service or copier repair service to fix the problem.

Ink Guzzlers

Copiers can use so much ink at one time that you may find yourself replacing cartridges a few days at a time. Copiers go through ink the fastest out of any of the printing and copying machines used in the office. Even if you ask your employees to be considerate, they may just do things as usual and not know how to cut it down. You can use slightly less dark ink to print your documents and print on draft or low quality for files that aren’t used for presentation. This can lessen ink expenses.


Photocopiers can be in an air-conditioned space and be regularly serviced, but even then it doesn’t take too much to overheat them. The bulbs in the copier and the gear and drawers and fans are all parts that may overheat if you use the copier too much. To make sure that the copier doesn’t overheat to the point that it breaks or malfunctions, watch the LED panel for warnings.

Confusing Codes

There are various acronyms that individual companies employ for a lot of different work and your copier is the same. Copiers can report problems with their LED panels but these are in code and they won’t always be instantly identifiable by those using them. A few are easy to understand such as low ink and paper jam, however, others may not be understandable such as those that are displayed in strings of numerals and alphabets etc.

It’s better to call a printer repair service if you want to identify what’s wrong with the copier or if there is a warning on the LED panel that you don’t understand.

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