April 29, 2018

5 Clever Ways To Remove Printer Ink Off Your Hands



Best Ways to Remove Printer Ink from Hands

If you deal with the printer(s) at some point you will have to change the toner when the ink runs out. Most likely you will end up with the ink stain on your hands or skin.  Don’t fret, as there are many ways to remove printer ink from the skin. These ways will not just remove the ink but some of them will leave your hands looking clean and as good as new. It’s usually a good idea to clean off ink or toner stains from your hands as quickly as possible.

5 Ways to Remove Printer Ink off your hands:

Here’s a list of 5 clever ways to easily clean ink or toner stains off your hands.

  1. Rubbing Alcohol

    Rubbing Alcohol or Isopropyl alcohol (the scientific name of rubbing alcohol) is very effective when it comes to removing ink stains. Simply pour some in your hands and rub away until all the ink stain is clear. Wash it off with soap and clean water and rinse clean. Be sure to apply some lotion on your hands to keep your skin from drying out.

  2. Tea Tree Oil

    Tea Tree Oil is gentle and very effective in cleaning out ink stains. Also, it will not dry out your skin. Pour a few drops on a piece of dry cloth, and then scrub the stain off. Repeat the process again this time using a fingernail brush to clean in between your fingers, around and under your nails. Keep repeating the process until your hands are completely clean. Rinse off with clean water.

  3. Hairspray

    And here you thought that hairspray is just for keeping those loose strands of hair in place. Believe it or not, hairsprays works as a perfect toner ink remover. Spray generously on your stained hands and let it sit for some time as it dissolves the ink.  Wash it off with soap and clean water. Apply some lotion on your hands to keep your hands supple.

  4. Nail Polish Remover

    Nail polish remover contains acetone that easily dissolves nail polish from your nails. It tackles ink from your skin in the same way and still remains gentle on your skin.  However, you want to be careful when using nail polish around your wooden furniture as it can easily remove the finish from the furniture.  Rinse your hands with clean water and apply lotion as the acetone can leave your skin feeling dry.

  5. Bleach

    Sometimes if you have nothing but bleach around you, then it is the most effective stain remover, minus the odor. Pour 1 part of bleach to ten parts of water. Rub the solution on your hands until all the ink is cleaned off. Wash off your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Defuse the smell of the bleach by squeezing orange or lemon on your hands and rubbing in.


There’s our list of 5 handy options to choose from should you ever find yourself in that precarious position having ink all over your hands. Just a word precaution when rubbing chemicals on your skin, do observe the greatest care. If you experience irritations with some of the chemicals, don’t be shy to try out any of the other milder options on the list. If you’re in a situation where your printer spills a lot of ink, you should check out professional printer repair service to get it fixed. Also, if you tried any of the above methods, do share your reviews with us.  If you know another working method that you think should be on our list do comment below & we’ll add that to the list.

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